Range Registration


Registration is Free!!!

If it's your first time coming to Lakewood Shooting Range there are a few easy steps to getting registered. 

Step One: Range Video

The first step to registration is to watch our 9 minute video in our Range Classroom.

Step Two: Input your personal Info

After you watch our range video the next step is to go to Registration.LakewoodShootingRange.com and fill out the short form. 

This step can be completed anytime, either at the range with our computer or  from the comfort of your home with a computer or smart phone. 

Step Three: Fill out our Legal Forms

The third step is to fill out a few legal forms that are located at the range front desk. 

Step Four: Photo ID and Payment.

The very last step is to hand your Government issued Photo ID to one of our employees and they will be happy to ring you up!

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